This site tells you about who I am and what I do,  so you can decide if I am the right consultant for your assignment.

I do short-term assignments in international development assistance, particularly in water and sanitation.  I also work in several other sectors and themes, such as rural development and local government.Website image

I advise how to make programs and projects better at delivering benefits, particularly to the poor, by:

  • considering the social, political, and economic context, 
  • building partnerships among the government, private sector, and communities, 
  • championing sector and strategy reform, and
  • applying best practices and lessons learned from other countries and programs.

My advice is based on:

  • more than thirty years’ experience with international development assistance,
  • numerous consulting assignments in Africa and Asia,
  • experience as a senior water and sanitation specialist on the World Bank’s staff,
  • managing Danida and SIDA projects in the field,
  • designing and implementing social science research on pro-poor development assistance, and
  • keeping up-to-date on the literature and emerging good practices.
Elizabeth Kleemeier talks with Chad women at rural water supply

Credit: Jean-Claude Balcet

Clients use my services throughout the project cycle: design, appraisal and due diligence, supervision and reporting, evaluation, training, and studies on specific topics.

My clients include the World Bank, USAID, DFID, WaterAid, Danida, Millennium Challenge Corporation, Skat Foundation, and numerous consulting firms.

I will deliver the outputs of the assignment in the form that best suits your needs: written (report, briefing note, PowerPoints);  training;  mentoring;  support to a knowledge-sharing network; or a combination of these approaches.  

Elizabeth Kleemeier talks with Chad men at rural handpump

Credit: Jean-Claude Balcet


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