Who I am

Elizabeth next to handpump in Chad

Credit: Jean-Claude Balcet

I am a political scientist who has made international development assistance the focus of my academic, consulting, and public service career.

The majority of my research, consulting, and project management experience has been in the water and sanitation sector.

However, I began my career by studying rural and agricultural development programs, and continue to consult in that area.

I am a U.S. citizen.

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Elizabeth talks with rural women in Chad

Credit: Jean-Claude Balcet



I have worked as a consultant for more than fifteen years:  as an independent consultant; as a senior partner in HAP Consultants;  and as a senior consultant for Denconsult.

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World Bank staff

From 2009 to 2012, I was a Senior Water and Sanitation Specialist at the World Bank. I provided technical support to lending operations for rural water supply, and managed knowledge and learning activities for water specialists within the Bank.

I participated in project teams in Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Chad.  I also published a study on using private operators to manage rural water supplies, and several briefing notes

I conceived and managed a global webinar series on rural water supply, organized learning events on rural and small town water supplies, and conceived and managed an award-winning social networking site for rural water supply.

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Project management

I managed at different times the community components of four large bilateral (Danida and SIDA) rural water programs in East Africa.

My special concern has always been how to promote the sustainability of the completed infrastructure through effective partnerships with the communities.

For example, in the Danida Rural Water and Sanitation Project, Tanzania, I designed and implemented a component to build the capacity of local government to provide on-going post-construction support to village water committees.  A project evaluation judged this component to be highly successful and exemplary.

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I have designed and carried out several major studies of rural water supply and
rural development programs, based on extensive field research in Africa.  The findings have been published in internationally-referred social science journals.

For example, I designed and conducted a field study in Malawi on the sustainability of rural water systems (Afridev handpumps and piped schemes) constructed with a participatory approach.  I have also carried out several major studies of the political economy of rural development, rural water supply, and hydropower programs in Africa.

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I put my research skills to use operationally by investigating specific topics and issues of interest to clients.  For example, I reviewed the impact of the pro-poor water and sanitation strategy on the poor and bottom 40% for the World Bank and the Uganda Ministry of Water and the Environment.


I started my career byElizabeth examines pipe teaching at the university level, first in the Political Science Department at the University of Dar es Salaam, and then in the Government
Department at Colby College in Maine, USA.  I was also a teaching assistant in Political Science and Economics at the University of California, Berkeley, while a graduate student there.

My teaching experience has provided me with a good foundation for  designing and delivering training.  I have done this both as a consultant and on the  on development assistance projects where I was part of the management team.