Major research studies

Impact of Community Participation on the Sustainability of Rural Water Supplies.

In 1997-1998, I carried out a field study in Malawi of the sustainability of rural water systems (Afridev handpumps and piped schemes) constructed with a participatory approach.  The research was funded by the Danish government, while I was attached to the Centre for Development Research in Copenhagen   The research findings were published in World Development and Public Administration and Development.

Political Economy of French Development Assistance in Kenya

In 1989, I researched the politics behind a French-financed hydropower dam in Kenya, and finalized the study while a guest researcher at the Institute d’Etude du Développement Economique et Social, Université de Paris I.  The findings were published in Politique Africaine (no. 40, 1990) and Cahiers d’Etudes Africaines.

Political Economy of Rural Water Programs in Tanzania

In 1985-1986, I carried out a comparative study of how two donor-assisted rural water supply programs handled the political economy of Tanzania.  The research was funded by the Africa Senior Scholar Program within the Fulbright Program.  The findings were published in Public Administration and Development.

Political Economy of Pro-Poor Rural Development Assistance

In 1979-1982, for my Ph.D. research, I examined the political economy of pro-poor development assistance, by comparing five donor-assisted programs for integrated rural development.  The findings were published in The Journal of Development Studies.