What I do

Elizabeth Kleemeier meets 2 men from Chad

Credit: Jean-Claude Balcet

I do short-term assignments in international development assistance.

My focus is on sustainability and equity, so that everybody in a community continues to benefit from services such as safe water and improved sanitation long after a development assistance program ends.

I work in all phases of the project cycle, from identification to evaluation.  I work mostly in rural areas, small towns, and peri-urban areas.

For water and sanitation, I typically undertake the following types of assignments:

  • Various tasks related to public-private partnerships to build and maintain infrastructure
  • Reviews of sector strategies and policies 
  • Community consultations, beneficiary assessments, stakeholder analysis 
  • Research on specific topics
  • Project and program reviews, evaluations, and end-of-project reports, particularly when
    • beneficiary input is required
    • impact on the poor is of concern
    • project objectives include building the capacity of communities, private sector, and local governments to manage the infrastructure
    • a large amount of material and data must be consolidated into a simple and clear narrative

In the water and sanitation sector, I also:

  • develop and support knowledge-sharing through communities of practice
  • advise on knowledge management systems
  • develop capacity through using social networking tools

I have done similar work in other sectors, particularly for projects with a rural component.  

Elizabeth Kleemeier visits traditional water source in Chad

Credit: Jean-Claude Balcet

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