Project Cycle Experience

Below, my consulting experience is arrayed by the phases of the project cycle:

  • identification
  • appraisal and due diligence
  • reporting and supervision
  • evaluation. 

Note that, in addition to the project cycle, my consulting assignments have also included studies on specific topics, reviews of strategies and policies, training, and knowledge-sharing and knowledge management. 

Project Identification

Bangladesh – World Bank rural water and sanitation project:  Team member.  Looked particularly at how to increase the role of local government in overseeing the private operators who will be selected to manage the completed pipe schemes.  Part of technical support provided to South Asia Region while on the World Bank staff.  2011.  (Team Leader – Arif Ahmed).

Vietnam – World Bank rural water and sanitation project:  Advised World Bank country office on options for next phase of rural water and sanitation project in Red River Delta.  Part of technical support provided to South Asia Region while on the World Bank staff.  2010.  (Team Leader – Hoa Hwong).

Uganda – Danida agro-forestry project:  Handled issues related to women’s and women’s group participation in a project identification mission for an agro-forestry project.  Client: Danida.  Contractor: Denconsult (John Carlsen).  1992.

Benin – Danida small town health education and sanitation component:  Assessed the effectiveness of an on-going GTZ small town health education and sanitation project, and designed a similar component for a Danida-supported small town water supply project.  Client: Danida (Kurt Morck Jensen).  Contractor: Nielsen and Rauschenberg (Henning Lehd).  1991.

Project Appraisal and Due Diligence

Chad – World Bank Community-Driven Development Project:  Part of appraisal team.  In particular, advised on how the procedures for implementing rural water supply activities could best be harmonized with national policy and strategy in the project design.  Part of technical support provided to Africa Region while on the World Bank staff.  2011.  (Team Leader – Souleman Fofana).

Burkina Faso – MCC irrigation projects:  Gender and Social Impact Specialist on due diligence team appraising three irrigation projects proposed for Millennium Challenge Corporation funding.  Reviewed secondary literature on gender, poverty, and agriculture in Burkina Faso.  Held stakeholder consultations with women, youth, and men in project areas.  Assessed feasibility studies.  Identified mistaken understanding in feasibility studies of women’s agricultural roles, rights, and responsibilities in Burkina Faso.  Identified women’s access and rights to the land they cultivate as key issue for MCC.  Recommended measures that MCC should incorporate in government-to-government agreement and project design in order to protect women’s interests, maximize productivity on irrigated plots, and increase poverty reduction impact of projects.  Client: Millennium Challenge Corporation (Awa Bamba).  Contractor: Roche Consulting Engineers (Christian Bérubé).  2007.

Nigeria – World Bank national energy development project:  Wrote Resettlement Policy Framework and template for Resettlement Action Plans as required by World Bank safeguard policy on involuntary resettlement (BP/OP 4.12).  Based on the findings of the environmental scientist and self, wrote Environmental and Social Impact Management Framework.  Client:  World Bank (S. Vijay Iyer).  Contractor: Novatech (David Sood).  2005.

Tanzania – World Bank Dar es Salaam water supply:  Helped the Dar es Salaam Water and Sewerage Authority plan stakeholder consultations prior to World Bank appraisal of credit to rehabilitate the city’s water supply and sewerage infrastructure.  Client: World Bank (Alain Locussol).  2002.

India – Danida rural water and sanitation project:  Assessed participatory planning, community management of operation and management, gender roles, and hygiene and sanitation activities in an on-going Danida rural drinking water and sanitation project in three districts of Karnataka State.  Appraised proposed second phase in same respects.  Client:  Danida.  Contractor: Resources Development Consultants (Jens Bjerre).  2000.

China –Danida waste water treatment project:  Assessed probable socio-economic impact of, and consumer interest in, municipal wastewater treatment plants in Weinan, Shaanxi Province; Maoming, Guangdong Province; Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province; and Putian, Fujian Province.  Client: Danida.  Contractor: HAP Consultants.  2000.

Maldives – Danida agro-industry project:  Assessed willingness and ability of fishers to purchase ice, and did socio-economic profile of project areas, as part of a team appraising ten ice plants.  Client: Danida.  Contractor: HAP Consultants.  2000.

Ghana –Danida agro-enterprise appraisal:  Assessed the need and demand for a fish processing and flake ice factory on the part of fishers and market women in Tema area.  Client: Danida.  Contractor: HAP Consultants.  1999.

China — Danida livestock project:   Assessed probable ability and willingness of target group to participate in pig breeding project; appraised training component.  Client: Danida.  Contractor: HAP Consultants.  1999.

Burkina Faso — Danida rural water, sanitation, and health education project:  Assessed strategy, planning, and budget for activities to involve beneficiaries in project.  Client: Danida (Jette Bukh).  Contractor: Denconsult (John Carlsen).  1992.

Burkina Faso — Danida small town water project:  Assessed the role of—and impact on—beneficiaries of the first phase of a project to construct six small town water supplies, and the proposals for a future phase of the project.  Client: Danida (Bente Schiller).  Contractor: Denconsult (John Carlsen).  1992.

Project Reporting and Supervision

Tanzania — DFID Annual Review:  DFID Phase II Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Support.  Write strategic review of key issues identified in Terms of Reference, such as the viability of the performance by results strategy, and the sustainability of rural water supplies. Client: DFID-Tanzania (Lukas Kwezi).  2015.

Bangladesh – Results Reporting:  Assist the Water and Sanitation Program (WSP) country team to monitor and report on results for activities in the three WSP business lines in Bangladesh, and advise on ways to improve monitoring.  Client: World Bank-Bangladesh (Mark Ellery).  January – December 2013.

Ghana — Danida water sector support program review:  Handled progress and issues related to rural water component in Danida’s biennial review of its water sector support program.  Client: Danida (John Nielsen).  Contractor: Resources Development Consultants (Jens Bjerre).  2006.

Malawi – World Bank national water development project:  Participated in a World Bank supervision mission, with primary responsibility to review the progress on the rural piped schemes.  Client: World Bank (Robert Roche).  2002.

Uganda – Danida rural water and sanitation project review:  Handled issues related to community management, gender, hygiene promotion, and sanitation in a review of Danida’s assistance to the water and sanitation sector.  Client: Danida (Leif Hommelgaard).  Contractor: HAP Consultants.  2001.

Project Implementation

I have managed at different times the community components of four large bilateral (Danida and SIDA) rural water programs in East Africa.  Lean more about my project management experience.  

Project Evaluation

Haiti — World Bank Project completion report:  Wrote the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project Implementation Completion Report, in line with World Bank guidelines   Client: World Bank, Latin American and Caribbean Region (Jean-Martin Brault).  January – June 2014.

Kenya — World Bank Project evaluation:  Wrote the Kenya Microfinance for Water Projects Completion Report.   Client: World Bank (Sylvain Adokpo Migan).  February – October 2013.

Madagascar — WaterAid Program review:  WaterAid country program. Team Leader. Review the implementation of the WaterAid 2010-2015 country program in order to identify issues affecting progress toward the global aims and strategic objectives.  Wrote the briefing note, WaterAid Madagascar Country Programme Evaluation 2012. Client: WaterAid (Papa Diouf).  2012

Bangladesh — World Bank Project completion report:  Team Leader.  Prepared Bangladesh Water Supply Program Project, 2006-2010, Implementation Completion Report, in line with World Bank guidelines.  Part of technical support provided to South Asia Region while on the World Bank staff.  2011.

Lesotho — MCC Impact evaluation design:  Water Supply expert on team to design impact evaluation for Millennium Challenge Corporation rural and urban water supply and sanitation activities.  Reviewed expected causal links between activities and objectives for theoretical, measurement, and practical problems.  Advised client and contractor on actions and decisions that must be taken to ensure timely implementation of evaluation.  Client: Millennium Challenge Corporation (Paul Pleva).  Contractor: NORC (Jeff Telgarsky).  2008.

Bangladesh – World Bank Public expenditure review:  Team leader.  Prepared chapter and background paper on water supply and sanitation sector for World Bank national public expenditure review.  Summarized current situation in terms of where investments and reforms needed.  Constructed database on central government allocations and expenditures for water supply projects—first time such data made available.  Analyzed unit costs.  Analyzed government’s proposed sector investment program, pointing out key shortcomings: unrealistic financing requirements and construction schedule; emphasis on construction over sectoral reform; certain poor strategic choices; unclear criteria for deciding priority investments; document unsuited to annual budgeting process.  Recommended next steps for World Bank.  Client:  World Bank—Bangladesh (Catherine Revels, Kawanja Minnatullah).  2005.

Mozambique – World Bank Public expenditure review:  Analyzed available data and wrote the water and sanitation sector background paper for the World Bank public expenditure review.  Client: World Bank (Peter Moll).  2003.

Zambia – World Bank Lessons learned study:  Assessed lessons learned from six community-managed peri-urban water supplies, funded under a World Bank sector loan, on Zambia’s Copperbelt.  Reviewed how project design affected by context:  situation in Zambia’s peri-urban areas; experience with other peri-urban water projects in country; experimentation with demand responsive approach; Bank’s effort to establish commercial utilities on Copperbelt.  Documented how implementation decisions radically altered project design.  Assessed effectiveness of implementation, and cost effectiveness and sustainability of completed projects. Developed lessons learned and recommendations for new Bank project on Copperbelt.  Client: World Bank (Jane Walker).  2001.

Mozambique – Danida project evaluation:  Assessed community participation activities in Tete Urban Water Supply Scheme.  Client: Danida (Leif Hommelgaard).  Contractor: HAP Consultants.  1999.

Global – Danida health education and sanitation activities:  Prepared review paper and facilitated workshop on lessons learned from health education and sanitation activities in ten Danida-supported water projects.  Client: Danida (Jette Bukh, Bente Schiller).  Contractor: Denconsult (John Carlsen).  1993.

Benin – USAID Project evaluation:  Assessed the operation, maintenance, and sustainability of  USAID rural water, sanitation, and health education project.  Client: USAID.  Contractor: WASH (CDM International, Philip Roark).  1992.

Bangladesh – UNICEF Program evaluation:  Responsible for evaluation of  UNICEF community projects and impact of UNICEF country program on women, as part of country program evaluation.  Client: Danida.  Contractor: Cowi (Poul Engberg-Petersen).  1992.

India – Danida program evaluation:  Assessed participation and community training in Danida-supported drinking water program (comprising five projects).  Client: Danida (Kurt Morck Jensen).  Contractor: Denconsult (John Carlsen).  1991.