Consulting Studies on Specific Topics

Below are listed selected consulting assignments that comprised an investigation of a specific topic.    

Note that in addition to these studies, I have designed and carried out four major research studies, and published the findings in internationally-referred journals.  

I also completed a desk review of private operators and rural water supplies for the World Bank.

Uganda — Revision of Uganda Pro-Poor Strategy for Water and Sanitation

Analyzed past policy and implementation in the water supply and sanitation sector in order to advise the Government of Uganda, World Bank, and other sector stakeholders on the design of a pro-poor strategy for the sector.  Water and Sanitation for the Poor report.  Client:  World Bank-Uganda (Samuel Mutono).  2013 – 2015.

Uganda — Scaling Up Rural Sanitation

Analyzed the experience with rural sanitation performance benchmarking.  Client: World Bank-Uganda (Harriet Nattabi).  2013.

Investigated the impact of district leadership on scaling up rural sanitation.  Client: World Bank-Uganda (Harriet Nattabi).  2013.

Bangladesh — Public-private partnerships and rural piped schemes

Assessed the performance of selected rural piped schemes constructed by projects using different implementation and management models, all of which incorporated some type of public-private partnership.  Prepared report and Field Note outlining issues that should be pursued with Bangladesh stakeholders in order to improve public-private partnerships and the sustainability of rural piped schemes. 

Client: World Bank-Bangladesh  (A. Motaleb, G. Pearce-Oroz).  2008.

 Bangladesh — Investigation of the productive uses of water

Carried out a rapid assessment of whether income-generating activities using water from domestic supplies could make a significant contribution to financing the construction, operation, and maintenance of such supplies.  Identified bucket-drip irrigation and rural multipurpose piped schemes as two technologies with potential for leveraging domestic finance.  Wrote a report which situated the assessment within the literature on productive water use, defined the issues for Bangladesh, synthesized available information on the situation in Bangladesh, and recommended a more detailed study of rural piped schemes. 

Client: World Bank-Bangladesh  (Glenn Pearce-Oroz).  2007.

Global—Investigation of experience with private operators for dispersed rural water supplies

Conducted desk study to assist with developing FRUGAL (Forming Rural Utility Groups and Leases) model.  [The concept is to award long-term government contracts to private firms and individuals to design, build or rehabilitate, operate, and maintain water supplies for small towns and remote villages within a defined rural geographical area.]  Surveyed literature and ; distilled points of consensus on private operators managing rural water supplies.  Reviewed 35 projects and experiences relevant to FRUGAL and constructed a typology based on their features.  Suggested questions and issues that should be further addressed in case studies, and recommended such studies be carried out in Senegal, Burkina Faso, Paraguay, and Cambodia.  Report.

Client:  World Bank (Joseph Narkevic).  2007.

 Iraq — Desk Study of water pricing and social safety nets

Summarized literature on water pricing and social safety nets in the water supply and sanitation sector for USAID policy discussion papers.  Client: USAID.  Contractor: International Resources Group (Barbara Rossmiller).  2006.

 Ghana – Rural Water Sector Reform

Analyzed the factors behind the initial success of rural water sector reform in Ghana.  Report.

Client: World Bank  (Piers Cross).  2003.

 Tanzania — Demand assessment survey

Team Leader.  Planned and prepared an 18 district/180 village survey of communities’ management of, and effective demand for, rural water supplies. 

Client: World Bank (Ato Brown) and Tanzanian Ministry of Water.  Contractor: Cowater International (Michael McGarry).  2003.

 Zambia — Water sector reform

Analyzed lessons learned from water sector reform in Zambia. 

Client: World Bank  (Piers Cross).  2003.