Knowledge and Learning

Below is listed my consulting and work accomplishments in the areas of knowledge-sharing, knowledge management, learning, and training.

Note that in addition I was a university lecturer and assistant professor for five years.   


RWSN Thematic Group on the Management and Support of Rural Water Supplies

Technical adviser.  Provide advice and leadership to an online community of practice on the above topic, organized through the Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN).  Tasks include facilitating the development of goals and a work plan, expanding online participation, managing online discussions, and producing summary guidance notes based on the group’s work.

Client: Skat Foundation.  December 2012 – December 2013: 


World Bank webinar series on professionalizing rural and small town water supplies

Developed, managed, and implemented a ten-week webinar series in English and French to provide an opportunity to learn about and discuss practical examples from Africa in professionalizing water supply services in rural areas and small towns.  .

Client: World Bank (Fadel Ndaw). 2013.

World Bank webinar series on rural water supply

Designed, developed, and implemented an eleven-week series of webinars on state-of-the art thinking in rural water supply.  

While on World Bank staff, 2012.


World Bank water practice orientation course

Designed, developed, and implemented an eight hour course to introduce World Bank water specialists to the knowledge, policies, and practices of the World Bank in the water sector.  Course was distinctive and innovate in its outreach to potential participants, the development of a SharePoint site and database for instructional materials and videos, and in the introduction of a highly participatory approach in the course itself.

While on World Bank staff, 2009-2012.


World Bank online community of practice

Developed and managed an award-winning social networking site devoted to rural water on the Bank’s Intranet, using a Jive platform.

While on World Bank staff, 2009-2012.


World Bank learning events

While on the World Bank staff, organized major learning events on rural water supply.  Unfortunately, the links to these events have been removed from the  World Bank website.

  • Making public-private partnerships work for rural and small town water supplies,
  • Lessons for Rural Water Supply: Sustainable Services at Scale.
  • Water Security in India

While on World Bank staff, 2009-2012.


Middle East and North Africa — Training for mid-career water professionals

Lead Instructor.  Developed with a team a five day module on strategies and methods for extending water and sanitation services to the poor.  Deliver training and work with participants on group assignments.

Client: USAID (Sustaining the Blue Revolution Program).  Contractor: DAI (Peter Reiss, Dan Rothberg).  2008.


Global — Evaluation of World Bank knowledge products for water and sanitation 

Team Leader.  Evaluated the quality of World Bank water supply and sanitation knowledge resources —  research and analytical papers, sectoral reports, project appraisals, and web sites. 

Client: Operations Evaluation Department, World Bank (Catherine Gwin).  2002.


Tanzania – Training for District Water Technicians and Community Development Officers, Danida Water and Sanitation Project

Designed and implemented a strategy to promote sustainability through an integrated set of activities to provide on-going technical and organizational support to community water.  This work included developing and implementing a training program to introduce staff to new roles and responsibilities:  prepare training manuals and syllabus for training course and training of trainers (TOT) course; run TOT course; and supervise training courses in three regions.

Client: Danida (Jens Grue Sjorslev).  Contractor: Denconsult (John Carlsen).  1993-95.