Selected consulting assignments

Below is a short list of selected consulting assignments to illustrate the diversity of my consulting services.  

Not included below are my advisory services while at the World Bank, where I worked as Senior Water and Sanitation Specialist, 2009-2012.

Review of Pro-Poor Strategy for Water and Sanitation, Uganda

Analyzed past policy and implementation in the water supply and sanitation sector in order to advise the Government of Uganda, World Bank, and other sector stakeholders on the design of a pro-poor strategy for the sector.  Water and Sanitation for the Poor report 

Client: World Bank—Uganda (Samuel Mutono).  2013 – 2015.

Annual Review of DFID Phase II Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Support, Tanzania  

Wrote strategic review of key issues identified in Terms of Reference, such as the viability of the performance by results strategy, and the sustainability of rural water supplies.

Client: DFID-Tanzania (Lukas Kwezi).  2015.

End of project evaluation of Microfinance for Water Projects project, Kenya 

Lead consultant.  Wrote the Completion Report in line with World Bank guidelines.  

Client: World Bank (Sylvain Adokpo Migan).  February – October 2013.

Advisor, Thematic Group and Community of Practice on Rural Water Management for the Rural Water Supply Network

Provided advice and leadership to a thematic group and an online community of practice on management models for water supplies in rural areas and small towns.

Client: Skat Foundation (Kerstin Danert).  December 2012 – December 2013.

Team Leader, WaterAid Country Program Evaluation, Madagascar

Reviewed the implementation of the 2010-2015 country program in order to identify issues affecting progress toward the global aims and strategic objectives of WaterAid.  Prepared a regport, and the the briefing note, WaterAid Madagascar Country Programme Evaluation 2012.  

Client: WaterAid (Papa Diouf).  August –October 2012.

Lead Instructor, Training for Mid-Career Water Professionals in the Middle East and North Africa

Developed with a team a five day module on strategies and methods for extending water and sanitation services to the poor.

Client: USAID (Sustaining the Blue Revolution Program).  Contractor: DAI (Peter Reiss, Dan Rothberg).  2008.

Water Expert, Design of Impact Evaluation for Urban and Rural Water Projects, Lesotho

Reviewed expected causal links between activities and objectives for theoretical, measurement, and practical problems.  Advised client and contractor on actions and decisions that must be taken to ensure timely implementation of evaluation.

Client: Millennium Challenge Corporation (Paul Pleva).  Contractor:  NORC (Jeff Telgarsky).  2008.

Senior Consultant, Study of Public-Private Partnerships and Rural Piped Schemes in Bangladesh

Assessed the performance of different implementation and management models for using public-private partnerships to construct and manage rural piped schemes.  Published report.

Client: World Bank—Bangladesh (A. Motaleb).  2008.

Gender and Social Impact Specialist, Due Diligence for Irrigation Projects in Burkina Faso

Reviewed secondary literature on gender, poverty, and agriculture in Burkina Faso.  Held stakeholder consultations with women, youth, and men in project areas.  Assessed feasibility studies.

Client: Millennium Challenge Corporation (Awa Bamba).  Contractor: Roche Consulting Engineers (Christian Bérubé).  2007.

Rural Water Specialist, Review of Danida Water Sector Support Program in Ghana

Rated progress on rural water supply component.  Identified impediments to progress.  Flagged incipient maintenance problems.  Proposed solutions.

Client: Danida (John Nielsen).  Contractor: Resources Development Consultants (Jens Bjerre).  2006.

Social Safeguards Specialist,  Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of National Energy Development Project, Nigeria

Wrote Resettlement Policy Framework and template for Resettlement Action Plans as required by World Bank safeguard policy on involuntary resettlement (BP/OP 4.12).  Based on preceding and the findings of the environmental scientist, wrote Environmental and Social Impact Management Framework.

Client:  World Bank (S. Vijay Iyer).  Contractor: Novatech (David Sood).  2005.