My Publications

Project Preparation

NigeriaEnvironmental and Social Impact Management Framework.   Client:  World Bank (S. Vijay Iyer).  Contractor: Novatech (David Sood).  2005.

Project Evaluation

Haiti  — Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project. Implementation Completion Report.  Client: World Bank, Latin American and Caribbean Region (Jean-Martin Brault, Christophe Prevost).  2014.

Kenya ––  Kenya Microfinance for Water Projects Completion Report.  Client: World Bank  (Sylvain Adokpo Migan).  2013.

Madagascar  —  WaterAid Madagascar Country Programme Evaluation 2012.  Client: WaterAid (Papa Diouf).  2012.

Bangladesh Water Supply Program Project Implementation Completion Report.  Provided as World Bank staff advisory service to World Bank –South Asia Region. (Arif Ahmed, William Kingdom).  2011.

Benin USAID Rural Water, Sanitation, and Health Education Project.  Client: USAID.  Contractor: WASH (CDM International, Philip Roark).  1992.

Global — “Collaboration between CDR and Danida on Aid Impact Research: A Case Method Approach to Discussing the Issues.”  CDR Working Paper 96.4.  Copenhagen: Centre for Development Research.  1996.


Sector Strategy and Policy Evaluations and Reviews

Uganda — Water and Sanitation for the Poor and Bottom 40% in Uganda.  Kampala: Ministry of Water and the Environment, 2015.

Ghana — Rural Water Sector Reform in Ghana: A Major Change in Policy and Structure.  Nairobi: Water and Sanitation Program.  2002.

Tanzania — “From Supply-driven to Demand-driven Provision of Rural Drinking Water: A Tanzanian Case Study of the Arguments for a Transition.”  CDR Working Paper 95.8.  Copenhagen: Centre for Development Research.  1995.


Public-Private Partnerships

Global — Private Operators and Rural Water Supply: A Desk Review of Experience.  Washington D.C.: World Bank. 2010.

Global — Public-Private Partnerships for Rural Water Services.  Water Services that Last.  Briefing Note No. 4.  The Hague: IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre.  2012.

Global — Private Operator Models for Community Water Supply.  Nairobi: Water and Sanitation Program.  2010.

Bangladesh — Experience in Private Provision of Rural Piped Water.  Delhi: Water and Sanitation Program.  2010.

Informational Notes

Poverty and Rural Water.  The Water Blog.  World Bank.  May 2012.

Mobile Phones and Water Point Mapping.  Rural Water Supplies Collaborative Quick Read.  Washington D.C.:  World Bank.  2011.

Research Results

Findings from major field research studies, published in scientific journals.

“The Role of Government in Maintaining Rural Water Supplies: Caveats from Malawi’s Gravity Schemes.”  Public Administration and Development.  Vol. 21.  No. 3.  2001.

“The Impact of Participation on Sustainability: An Analysis of the Malawi Rural Piped Scheme Program.”  World Development.  Vol. 28.  No. 5.  2000.

“L’aide française au Kenya : à qui profite-t-elle ?”  Cahiers d’Etudes Africaines. 121-122.  XXXI-1-2.  1991.

“La France et l’Argent Noire au Kenya.”  Politique Africaine.  No. 40.  1990.

“Policy Reform and Rural Development Assistance in Tanzania.”  Public Administration and Development.  Vol. 9.  1989.

“Integrated Rural Development in Tanzania.”  Public Administration and Development.  Vol. 8.  1986.

“Domestic Policies versus Poverty-Oriented Foreign Assistance in Tanzania.”  The Journal of Development Studies.  Vol. 20.  No. 2.  1984.